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The Unorthodox Series

Welcome to The Unorthodox Series! (T.U.S.)

This series is primarily filmed from first person point of view to capture all that glitters!

Step right up! Take your seats, front row, inside of the idle minds of some of the most cold blooded killers, disturbed psychopaths, and clinically depressed souls to have walked this planet!

Watch and observe, as we can see only what they see! And hear only what they hear!

Can you guess who's mind we may have entered before the ending reveal?

Now hold on to your hats, folks. These rides are twisted!

“Castles In The Sky”

 Enter the mind of one of the most prolific, cold-blooded killers as he falls asleep while reclined in a barbershop chair.  The 1920s have never looked as horrifying as when his  subconscious reveals his deep contempt for others, his darkest vices, and deepest fears all while unveiling his putrid plot for human destruction!  Is this dream a premonition of what’s to come?  Or is this man building himself castles in the sky?

"As You Are" 

The year is 1991.  Music, cigarettes, drugs and depression--the rockstar life is certainly not for the weak!  In this episode we will enter the mind of a beautifully tormented man, after a night of drug-induced shenanigans.


California love.  Let's spread it throughout the world!  The time is 1968, and it's time to speak up against social injustices!  To love one another, to bond, and to get in touch with our own inner thoughts; no matter how sick they may be.  In this episode, we will take a trip through the mind of a peculiar man as he listens to his favorite new record. 

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