"The Man Who Sold The World"


The Man Who Sold The World

Psychological Thriller / Sci-Fi

Marco DelToro (Giancarlo Carmona) is a wealthy real estate entrepreneur. Some might say he “has it all” with his good looks, a successful and booming business, and luxury at his fingertips. After his wife, Pamela (Laura Lemire), commits suicide inside of their New York home, Marco finds himself haunted by his own inner demons, which seems to thrive off of his cocaine usage and his late night partying. While living the fast life, Marco soon discovers there are two things in this world that money can’t buy. Love and Sanity.

WINNER - BEST THRILLER - Vegas Movie Awards May 2020, Nevada

WINNER - BEST THRILLER OF THE YEAR - Florence Film Awards, Italy

WINNER - BEST THRILLER - Florence Film Awards August 2019, Italy

WINNER - BEST THRILLER - South Film and Arts Academy Festival 2019, Chile 

WINNER- BEST PRODUCER - Hollywood Blood Horror Film Festival 2019, Los Angeles California

WINNER - BEST ACTING DUO - Hollywood Blood Horror Film Festival 2019, Los Angeles California

FINALIST - BEST VISUAL EFFECTS - Florence Film Awards 2019, Italy

AWARD NOMINEE - Indie Short Fest December 2019, California

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Rome Independent Prisma Awards 2019, Italy

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Reels of The Dead 2019 (Days of The Dead Horror Convention -  North Carolina)

OFFICIAL SELECTION - The American Horrors Film Festival 2019, Wisconsin

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Crown Wood International Film Festival 2019, India

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Mentone Film Festival 2019, California

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Independant Shorts Awards 2019, California

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Indie Short Fest 2019, Hollywood California

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